When we were thinking about starting a business we wanted to give it a deeper meaning. Something that would bring joy to people but also had a larger purpose. And because recycling is recently a huge topic due to enormous waste we humans produce every year, we decided to go this way. And after a while of searching, we realized there is so much waste even from natural products being produced all the time. For examples coconut shells… Shells that remind us of bowls from the very first time we look at them. So why not to turn them into real bowls and use them every day.

Our aim is to provide people with sustainable products and raise awareness of environmental protection. Our products are handmade by local artisans in Vietnam. With your help, we would like to improve the economic situation and raise the standard of living in this country. This planet is our only home. There is nowhere else to go so let's try to treat it and all its inhabitants with dignity. With wisdom comes responsibility. Ours is to protect our common home. And let's do it in style!

With love and kindness, 
Kuky Bowls Team

 Eco Friendly Coconut Bowls with Wooden Coconut Cutlery Number One UK Supplier